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How To Become an Android Developer, MobiGnosis Bangalore
How To Become An Android App Developer?

Android is currently one of the few very popular platforms for mobile apps. The fact that it is an open-source OS provides a lot of flexibility to the developers. To add to this fact, a major share of smartphones and other mobile devices are based on android and hence the android application marketplace has a lot of takers. Anyone looking to build a career as an application developer would definitely see how important it is to learn android app development. Increasing numbers of businesses are realizing how effective a custom business app could be, and hence a career as an android app developer would be a sound one. If you do consider putting yourself out there as an app developer, then android app development would surely be a worthy add to your skill set. Here’s a look at how to take up a journey that would result in you being an expert android app developer.
First of all you need to get the education that would let you become a software developer or programmer. A bachelors or engineering degree in computer science would typically be what qualifies you as a developer. Landing a dream career as an app developer in today’s business scenario in mind, it would be great if you secure top grades and pass out with distinction, as companies do love to hire accomplished graduates. Once you’ve successfully completed your education, you should next take up your specialization.
At this stage, you would have to spend some time to search out for a great training services provider who can get you up to date with everything pertaining to android development. There are such good training companies in Bangalore, and searching for them shouldn’t be a huge task. It would be better to find a training institute whose people are passionate developers themselves. This way, you would not only gain an insight into the technical aspects of android app development, but would also get to know a great deal about the industry and some important trade tricks. There are mobile app development companies in Bangalore that do offer excellent training programs, and such a choice should surely help you gain a comprehensive knowledge about android app development.
Once you’ve gained and practiced your development skills on android, you would reach a stage where you have to make a very important decision. This decision would most probably affect the path you take as an android developer. You would have to decide whether you want to be hired by a development company or want to take the self-employment route. Both of these have their pros and cons, and no one but you could determine which one’s the right way to head. If you find it difficult to decide, then you should probably look to work for an established app development company for a while, before you head out on your own. This way, you would get to perfect your skills and also establish yourself in the android development industry.
Last but not the least, it is quite important to remember that learning is a never-ending process. Especially in a field like android development, it takes innovation in its truest sense to create really great apps that not just provide functionality but also great user experiences. This can only come about if you’re passionate about app development, and redefine and refine your knowledge and skills on a daily basis.

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Importance of Technology Training for IT Workforce

Unlike some other academic fields, Technology sector professionals cannot rely on age old knowledge and books for long. This is mostly because technology keeps changing at rapid pace. What is being considered avant-garde may become obsolete a few years down the line, be it mobile app development or web page design. Hence, web developers, programmers, app development professionals, all need skill upgradation from time to time. While individual professionals should be mindful about updating skills, technology sector companies also need to ensure their workforce remains updated and acquires new skills over time.
As it has often been seen, company employees also look forward to training and skill set upgradation. In fact, recent surveys indicate that technology professionals value training opportunities more than incentives and commuting benefits. Of course, it is more useful when an individual is exposed to training related to his domain and area of expertise by the company.
While training is a prerequisite for corporate workforce, more so for those belonging to technology sector, finding the right vendor for providing training is the issue. Offering IT training to a workforce is different than twining a batch of college pass outs or students. Technology companies need to find a capable and experienced training provider to impart skill upgradation modules to the workforce in the best possible way.
There are a few factors that have to be considered before selecting the right technology training provider for corporate workforce.
A crucial factor for IT workforce in any company is time. You have to find a training provider that can provide short term courses, divided into modules that do not hamper the work schedule of your employees, to begin with. There are companies that offer flexible online training modules, which their employees can access at a suitable timing and complete a module within a time frame. These courses are also offered along with test and certification.
Another aspect that a company owner needs to consider about workforce training is cost. The cost of training courses varies based on aspects like duration, type of content, mode of training, etc. While you may have to spend a significant amount on employee training, consider the fact that such courses and enhanced skills will enable them to increase productivity and cater to customer demands better.
While looking for a training provider that offers specialized IT courses and training programs targeted at technology sector professionals, company owners need to look at its track record and tenure. There is no shortage of such training providers nowadays, but it is always better that you sign up with a reputed company that has several certifications and affiliations to its credit. For example, opting for an IT training provider that has experience in imparting training on specific technology based courses like Java, .NET or jQuery, makes sense.
We are a Bangalore based specialized IT training provider that has been offering Mobile App Training services to various IT firms, empowering IT professionals.
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Huge Funding Catapults The Mobile and Telecom Sector - MobiGnosis Bangalore, India
Huge funding catapults the mobile and telecom sector

According to recent reports, the mobile sector has overtaken the health care industry in terms of VC funding securing an investment of 1.2 billion in Q3’13 (1). Since 2012, capital investors have consistently invested in the mobile and telecom sector across various different technologies in the mobile ecosystem. The three most popular invested in technologies were customer relationship management, business intelligence and payment technologies.

Mobile & Telecom VC Investment and Deal Volume, MobiGnosis Bangalore

The investments are flowing in mobile and telecom sector due to the increase in use of Smartphone and tablet usage. The extensive use of mobile devices in offices is specially being driven by the BYOD trend. With more and more investment several companies are tapping into this potential market. Some top companies that are investing heavily are 500 Start-ups, Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures (1). Other traditional VC investors and Corporate VCs such as SV Angel, Qualcomm Ventures, and Accel Partners are also actively pursuing the mobility sector.
VC Deal Volume in Mobile By Sub Industry, Q3 2013
Some examples of mobility companies who have managed to secure funding are Agito Networks (2) and AgreeYa Mobility (3). Agito Networks, a company specializing in providing new technologies in enterprise mobility closed its second round of financing with a $13 million investment.  Some of the VC firms participating in the event included Castile Ventures, ITX International Holdings Inc. and Battery Ventures. This new increased investment will help Agito Networks to expand its enterprise mobility product market. AgreeYa Mobility has also secured funding from Saama Capital for their flagship product Onvelop. According to Reuters, these solutions will help the enterprise mobility market making significant contribution to companies with tech-enabled workforce.


With mobility changing the outlook of enterprises, it is primarily focused on increasing employee productivity to increase overall revenue. However, a report published by Dimension Data (4) has revealed that in a survey conducted, while 79 percent of the world’s companies are convinced of positive effects of embracing mobility for businesses, a mere 29 percent have a clearly thought out mobile strategy. Another revelation from the report is that mobility is not the primary focus of most companies with a 35 percent claim to have addressed trouble shooting mobility. Even though most companies are waking up to the importance of mobility in businesses, few companies have a well structure IT policy around mobility.



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Current Trends in Mobility Staffing, Mobile Apps Training Bangalore, India
Current Trends in Mobility Staffing

With an avalanche of smartphones readily available in the market and the increasing demand for mobile software developers in the tech industry, mobile is one of the top priorities in technology hiring. Not just confined to the tech industry, Mobile Application Developers are considered a hot property in varied fields such as commercial, consumer, banking, and finance.

Scenario in India

A report titled “Entering the Brave New World of Mobile Apps”(1) conducted by Dimensional Research, focuses on the fact that most of the demand for mobile software engineers are for Google’s Android and Apple iOS platforms. The survey suggested that Android was the most sought out after Mobile App Development platform among developers with 83 percent followed by iOS with 67 percent.

Best time to be a mobile software developer

Developers, this is your year!
According to, demand for software developers have been steadily rising since 2012 and is projected to show a growth of 30 percent by 2020.(2)

Matt Miller, CTO of CyberCoders, a company which has conducted a research on the top ten most in demand skills says, “A common theme among these technology skills is the need for open source, mobile, cloud or big data technologies, like iOS, Azure and Hadoop. This is a good time to learn such skills. There is a continual need for improving technology which is constant due to our improved processes and every day enjoyment of our smart phones and big data.” (3)

High demand versus shortage of supply

Certain industry analysts are even comparing the mobile app market explosion to the internet boom of the 1990’s. Such is the demand for iOS and Android that there is reportedly a shortage of supply currently. Since iOS and Android account for roughly 90 percent of the smartphone circulation, this is a great time for all mobile developers!
However, simply being a talented software developer is not enough. According to a report by, developers will need to constantly upgrade their skills in order to stay competitive in the market. (4)

Future of Mobile Application Developers

The demand for talented software mobile developers will continue to rise for the next few years.
Certain Reasons for the continuous rise in demand of mobile application developers could be:

  • With mobile security becoming top priority, consumers will gradually become more and more comfortable with engaging in activities online through their mobile devices.
  •  Further, lack of time and complexity may prompt larger sections of people to conduct online activities through their smartphones.

However, according to Christine Wright, Hays’ Asia operations director, (5) there will come a time when the market will be saturated. The demand of mobile software developers will slowly decrease.
Keeping that in mind, mobile application developers can take certain steps to ensure that they will continue to be in demand. Some of these steps are as follows:-

  1. Stay competitive by upgrading skill set constantly
  2. Active participation in all software development projects including mobility projects
  3. Understand strengths and weaknesses of individual skill set and the ability of quickly adapt to continually changing scenario

By Ankita Mohinta For MobiGnosis





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