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Spark and Scala training in Bangalore

Course Introduction

This Training Session provides you with must-know strategies, tactics and best practices you can use to build a strong foundation for your successful learning of Scala & Spark.

Course Duration

4 – 6 days  

Targeted Audience

Java developers planning to develop Scala applications, Hadoop Map Reducing and Hadoop Architecture.

Scala Training Objectives

• Program in Scala
• Understand Scala’s approach to object-orientation
• Master the use of functional programming techniques in Scala
• Understand how to perform TDD (test-driven development) using Scala

Spark Training Objectives

• Install Spark and implement Spark operations on Spark Shell

• Understand the role of Spark RDD

• Implement Spark applications on YARN (Hadoop)

• Learn Spark Streaming API

Course Outline
Quick Introduction to Scala

1. Key Features of the Scala Language

  • Everything is an object
  • Class declarations
  • Data typing
  • Operators and methods
  • Pattern matching
  • Functions
  • Anonymous and nested functions
  • Traits

3. OO Development in Scala

  • A minimal class declaration
  • Understanding primary constructors
  • Specifying alternative constructors
  • Declaring and overriding methods
  • Creating base classes and class hierarchies
  • Creating traits and mixing them into classes
  • How a Scala inheritance tree is linearised

2. Basic Programming in Scala

  • Built in types, literals and operators
  • Testing for equality of state and reference
  • Conditionals, simple matching and external iteration
  • Working with lists, arrays, sets and maps
  • Throwing and catching exceptions
  • Adding annotations to your code
  • Using standard Java libraries
  • Using Scala with in java application and vice-versa

 4. Functional Programming in Scala

  • Advanced uses of for expressions
  • Understanding function values and closures
  • Using closures to create internal iterators
  • Creating and using higher order functions
  • Practical examples of higher order functions
  • Currying and partially applied functions
  • Creating your own Domain Specific Languages (DSL’s)
Advance Concept in Scala

1. Exception handling in Scala

  • Try catch with case

3Test Driven Development in Scala

  • Writing standard JUnit tests in Scala
  • Conventional TDD using the Scala Test tool
  • Behaviour Driven Development using Scala Test
  • Using functional concepts in TDD
  • Conclusion and Summary

5. Hadoop Map Reducing Concept

  • Execute Apache Spark Tasks
  • Configuring Apache Spark

7. Resilient Distributed datasets

2. Pattern Matching in Depth

  • Using the match keyword to return a value
  • Using case classes for pattern matching
  • Adding pattern guards to match conditions
  • Partially specifying matches with wildcards
  • Deep matching using case constructors
  • Matching against collections of items
  • Using extractors instead of case classes

4. Introduction to SPARK

  • Introduction to Spark Scala API

6. Building and Running Spark Applications

8. Hands on Session using SPARK API

  • Conclusion and Summary
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