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UX Design Course (Web & Mobile)

With hundreds of mobile apps hitting the marketplaces each day, we at MobiGnosis have always understood that great apps are those that offer great user experiences. We have hence designed a UX Design Course (Web & Mobile) that would give the participants, insights into mobile design structure, and what it takes to create apps with great user experiences.
The course would take you through everything from strategies to prioritizing investment and resources, determining the OS and supported devices for the mobile app, understanding end-user needs, analyzing features to enhance the user experience of the app, enhancing cross-device usability through responsive designs, designing the UI of the app to improve usuability, and finally testing and validating the app for its usability/ user-friendliness and using this information to further perfect the user experience.

There are no mandatory prerequisites for this course; however, we recommend that the participants be familiar with user experience and best practices. The duration of the training program is for 24 hours, at the end of which you would have gained hands-on experience on creating mobile apps with high quality user experiences.

About UX Design Course (Web & Mobile)

Great mobile app design lies at the heart of great user experiences. We understand this and have designed a course that gives participants best practices and the hands-on experience of creating a mobile design’s structure, elaborating its details, and validating its user experience in a prototype.
This course will help participants to:

  • Build mobile strategies to unite your channels and prioritize investment
  • Make effective decisions about supported devices and operating systems to streamline development and ensure a consistent user experience
  • Analyze and prioritize features to improve usability and satisfy end-user needs
  • Select the right controls and UI patterns to improve usability
  • Create responsive designs to improve cross-device compatibility
  • Test and validate your application’s usability to reduce risk and improve user satisfaction
Participants will learn
  • Design interfaces for different devices and operating systems using research-based techniques
  • Understand the process of developing a mobile strategy
  • Build a mobile application’s structural design Select the right mobile patterns and controls
  • Define and develop a well-informed detailed design
  • Comprehend the challenges and techniques around mobile usability testing,
    including hands-on experience testing a mobile application or website

There are no prerequisites, but it is advised that participants should have familiarity with user experience and usability best practices.

Training Course Duration & Pricing

Duration of UX Design Course:5 Weekends and we also offer 1 Month Offline Support. Mode of UX Design Course Delivery: Weekend Classes UX Design Course Fees: 25,000/- INR

What are the requirements?

A basic proficiency with web design is recommended, although not required

Is this Course for me?

Beginner and Intermediate Designers
Plan your Career in UX Design
Anyone seeking to launch an app of their own

What You'll Learn
  • Brief History about UX Design
  • Understanding Users & User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Functional Layout Design
  • Visual Design Principals
  • Design And Prototype
  • User Psychology
  • Demo Project
  • How do you Plan your Career in UX Design?

Brief History about UX Design
The origins of UX Design, and how the principals of UX can be applied)

  • Modern Day UX
  • Understanding Software as a Physical Building
  • UX + Lean Framework. (User Experience Design contains two major components: we’ll call them 1) Aiming and 2) Firing

Understanding Users & User Research introduces the concept and importance of User Research. And how it can be used to dramatically increase the quality and speed of new designs.

  • Set Objectives
  • Write a Hypothesis
  • Identify Methods of Research
  • Conduct Research
  • Analyze Results
  • Software and Tools of User Research
  • Real-World User Research Examples
  • Week 4

    Design and Prototype

  • Introduction to Design and Prototyping
  • Design tools to learn
  • Prototyping Tools
  • Complex prototyping tools
  • Designing a simple flow in Balsamic
  • Creating a mobile prototype in Marvel
  • WEEK 2

    Information Architecture (IA)

    • What is IA(Information Architecture)
    • Common skills that information architects use
    • The card sort activity
    • Real World IA Examples

    Functional Layout Design

  • Introduction to Wireframe
  • Images, Headings, and The Fold
  • Calls To Action, Labels, And Instruction
  • Primary and Secondary Button
  • Tools and Software use in Layout Design
  • Week 5
    1.  Introduction to “Mobile Application”
    2. Introduction to “Designing for IOS Platform”
    3. Introduction to “Designing for Android Platform & Windows”
    4.  Mobile App design Architecture
    5.  Navigation Patterns for Mobile 
    6. Quick Prototyping using Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks 
    7.  Usability Testing for Mobile 
    8.  Icon designing & Slicing Design images
    9. UX design fundamentals
    10.  Designing/Review/Rework on Real-time Mobile App 
    WEEK 3

    Visual Design

  • Visual Design Principles
  • Elements of design
  • Visual Weight and Depth
  • Typography
  • Color
  • Repetition and Patterns
  • Alignment and Proximit
  • Tools and Software use in Visual Design.
  • For further details, please drop us a line at or call us at 080-42150884, 9900001329

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        The Training program are conducted only on weekends, 3 hours per day training program.

        If you have any queries, please call at 9900001329

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      I did UXD course and it is very very helpful course with helpful people.
      Lots of important thing I learnt from the course.
      Best course in Bangalore for learning UXD.

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      I have done my course back in September 2015, It was really a good place to learn UX Design course affordable and experienced mentor. Special thanks to Rakesh and Harsha. #Best place for UX course in Bangalore.

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        I’m Vishwa, aspiring UX (Interaction) Designer. Could you throw some light on placement assistance?


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      Just a doubt!
      So the course fee of INR 25k includes even the Modules 1,2,and 3?
      or is it a different course altogether?!

      • Hi Gregorous,

        Yes, the course fees is Rs. 25,000/- which includes all the 3 modules

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