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Why iOS7 is making waves in the IT world - MobiGnosis Bangalore, India
Why iOS7 is making waves in the IT world

With the prospect of the new operating system, iOS7, the internet is buzzing with the features that will change the face of smartphones. There is an avalanche of smartphones to choose from in a highly completive market. Also, the market has witnessed an unprecedented growth in iOS Application Development. With JonyIve now in charge of iOS (and all software) development, analysts are anticipating that iOS 7 could be very different. Apple has announced that it the most important innovation since the original iphone. It is speculated that iOS 7 will deliver features that offer “more advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver a great user experience.” Apple is launching the iOS 7 later this year, focusing on business users.It’s not only the back-end mobile management features that count but also, the functionality to the end-users. With the release date of iOS7 closing in, Apple is promoting a set of new features that have been designed with business users in mind. With a beautiful design and powerful features, iOS 7 is the most significant update since the original iPhone. For business, iOS 7 offers more advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver a great user experience.

The technology giant has incorporated a range of user experience enhancements as they continue to compete with rival platforms such as Samsung and Sony.

Some of these features useful for business managers are:

New mobile device management (MDM) configuration:  A new MDM protocol is included with iOS 7 in order to streamline third-party MDM solutions. Corporate-owned devices can be automatically enrolled in an MDM solution during activation, automating much of the custom commands, fonts and wirelessly set-up managed apps. This will be extremely helpful for IT administrators as they can skip basic setup steps and fully configure devices with corporate settings and policies — and users can get up and running faster than ever

iOS 7’s MDM will also support new commands and options available to third-party apps. Managers will be able to wirelessly set up managed apps, install fonts and configure wireless printer drivers. Institutionally owned devices can be automatically enrolled in MDM during activation

Managed open in: The new security features will let IT Managers configure VPN connections on the application level; single sign on will authenticate credentials across apps; and “managed open,” which will let managers set those apps that will be able to open corporate documents as well as prevent personal data from being used in those apps.  iOS 7’s bid to protect corporate data will control which apps and accounts open certain documents and attachments. IT policies can set the configuration list, forcing corporate data to be opened in corporate apps.

Per app VPN: Apps requiring virtual private networking (VPN) functionality to run when they start up. This will be useful to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) employees who work from home or other remote locations.

Improved Mail: New features like the ability to add and reorganize smart mailboxes in the mailbox list, view PDF annotations, and totally redesigned search makes Mail easier to use than ever. Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 makes the killer app even better for business.

Enterprise single sign-on (SSO): Authenticating will be far easier in iOS 7, allowing users to take their corporate credentials across apps, including apps from the App Store. The will be especially useful because you don’t have to remember various passwords improving security of data.

Third-party app data protection: All third-party apps will be data protected automatically. A user’s password will be used to generate a strong and unique encryption key. This provides IT administrators with peace of mind that corporate data is secured without additional configuration. So information stored in App Store apps is protected with the user’s passcode until they first unlock their device after each reboot. This is being touted to be extremely beneficial to corporate.

From a consumer’s perspective, an apple enthusiast Kyle Frost points out some features after downloading iOS7 beta version.

Multitasking: This feature has beencompletely redone allowing users to see the application in the state its left in. Multitasking is fluid, and app icons situated neatly below the app screenshots.

Control Center toggles: With this new feature users are able to quickly switch Wi-Fi off, or Bluetooth. Despite this feature being available on other operating systems for a while, Apple users will be happy that’s its now integrated into the system without having to switch to other operating systems.

New improved Siri: The UI has been completely revamped. It’s new “blurred” interface and thin white text. Other than the UI, there are some other new options. New voices have been added into Siri, and users can ever choose and shift between a female and male voices. Siri can also search the internet now without having to go to safari. The search service of Siri uses Bing instead of Google.

Camera filters: This is a separate application to take/filter pictures. Also, users don’t have to only take square pictures with filters, but can use this to filter normal sized images as well.

Tom Neumayr a spokesman for Apple said “ iOS users have access to the world’s largest ecosystem of options and the most seamless integration with our products.”

Apple products of recent have been solely focused on the consumer market, but with the iOS7 update, Apple is recognizing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users, keeping Apple up-to-date with the current business trends.

iOS 7 Disadvantages

With loads of new features- New user interface, update Apps like Safari and Calendar, Control Center etc.- iOS 7 suffers from few cons as well. Some of them are:

  • Owners of many older models of Apple products won’t be able to get iOS 7
  • Apple users will have to get used to a totally new method of deleting/restarting apps, multi-tasking and more.
  • Many people are not fond of the new “flat” look. It is believed to be copied from Microsoft.
  • SIRI is not good
  • iOS 7 has a slight learning curve.

By Ankita Mohinta For MobiGnosis

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Why Get Mobile App Development Training - MobiGnosis Bangalore, India
Why Get Mobile App Development Training?

If you are just starting your mobile app career, the answer is simple – you need to get yourself market ready in the shortest time. Getting trained in a state-of-the-art facility like MobiGnosis can really jump start your mobile app development career.

What makes our training really special is not just that we teach you how to code powerful mobile applications – you also build your knowledge base by actually creating software and developing a deep understanding of your environment. Mobile is very different from server-side development in that your code is Sandboxed so you can’t access everything on the device, and your memory footprint is very small. These concepts take time to sink in. A classroom setup with like minded peers and knowledgeable trainers helps you absorb these key concepts in a very short time.

The markets for both Android and iOS are very strong right now, and we don’t see a slowdown anytime soon. Think hard and pick the platform that you want to work on. Explore the wide range of trainings available at MobiGnosis. Meet us, talk to us – we’ll help you choose the right path for you. If you already have a good understanding of Java, then Android may be a natural fit. The demand is high and the pay is good for those that have really mastered mobile app development. So, use your time wisely and call us for a free counseling session.





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3 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Mobile App, Bangalore
3 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Mobile App

There are tons of best practices for writing mobile Apps but when you get right down to it, there are 3 things that you must always remember.


  1. Plan for scalability and integration in advance.
  2. Whatever your manager or client says, design your app for multiple screen sizes
  3. And remember that your slick dev environment can never imitate the real world scenario


Scalability and integration needs cannot be easily forced-fit. You may not think your app will be used by thousands of people or is part of a larger ecosystem but more often than not, that’s exactly the case and by the time you realize it, it’s already too late. So, write your app in such a way that it can easily scale and able to integrate with other systems as well as native APIs. A quick fix app will probably give you the needed functionality but it can mean a lot of re-work if extensibility wasn’t given attention in the original design.


Your users don’t care what screen size you developed your app for. If it doesn’t look good on their iPad, you don’t stand a chance on iPhone either. The same is true of Android Apps that haven’t been developed properly to scale beyond one screen size. Please remember that mobility is not just about a Smartphone. We live in the world of SplinterNet. Make sure to think through how your Apps will grow or shrink as the device changes.


Ask people who have been in the trenches and they’ll tell you – a real world mobile device is a different beast. Most development still happens on the PC, where memory (RAM) is cheap but on the mobile device, where the app lives, memory is a precious commodity. When Apps are not tested on the devices sufficiently, surprise memory and performance issues arise when an app is launched. This is precisely the reason why we have developed a real world mobile dev environment at MobiGnosis.



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Mobile App Development is the Most Sought After Skill in 2013

The future seems to be super bright for mobile app developers, managers, entrepreneurs and everybody else who’s involved in mobile app development industry. Almost every tech report forecast is pointing in one direction -> Mobile app development skill is the most sought after skill in 2013.

Here’s the list of other skills that are also in demand, though not as big as mobile app dev:

  • NoSQL
  • Unit testing
  • Python or Ruby
  • HTML5
  • Windows 8
  • RESTful Web services
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Looking ahead we think that the items on this list may change a big but mobile being a focus area of the entire tech world, is unlikely to budge from its number one position. describes this emerging need very nicely:

The reason for the high demand for mobile developers, is most likely because the market for mobile apps is driving an increasing need for companies to develop app strategies. That growth is almost certainly outstripping the number of applicants with serious iOS or Android development skills. If you’re a developer with iOS experience, this proves that there’s a good chance of landing your pick of jobs if you considering a career move.

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