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HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Mobile Training in Bangalore

Why Learn HTML5 Now?

As per a recent report on top developer trends to look out for in 2014, mobile development will continue to be huge thereby fueling the demand for native and web applications built for mobile devices. However, as the number of devices and interfaces continue to explode, developing native apps will become a crippling endeavor. In such a scenario, HTML5 and other related web technologies (Phonegap, Sencha) will play a critical and dominant role in the future of app development.

HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Course Preview

The ‘Introduction to Titanium and PhoneGap’ course for JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 and jQuery Mobile would act as precursor to learn a cross platform tools like Titanium, PhoneGap and Sencha Touch.

Certification: Candidates receive Mobignosis course completion certificate upon successful completion of course.


• Knowledge of basic HTML
• Prior knowledge of JavaScript a plus.

Course Duration:2 days
Time: 09:30 am onwards
Location :
#41, Sri Krishna Mansion,
S End D Cross Rd,
3rd Phase, J P Nagar,

Online registrations are open for 2 day training program covering HTML5, CSS3, JQuery Mobile & introduction to cross platform tools. Limited seats available. Book your seats online today!

HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Syllabus

Course Module: CSS3

Course Duration: 4 hours

Module 1
• Introduction CSS3
• Selectors
    o class
   o id

Module 2
• Backgrounds and Borders
    o Border-shadow
    o Border-radius etc.

Module 3
• 2D/3D Transformations
   o translate
   o rotate
   o scale
   o skew

Module 4
• Animations

Module 5
• Multiple Column Layout
• User Interface

Course Module: jQuery and JavaScript

Course Duration: 6 hours

Module 1
• JavaScript introduction
• JavaScript basics

Module 2
• jQuery introduction
• jQuery syntax
• jQuery selectors
• jQuery events

Module 3
• jQuery html
   o jQuery set
   o jQuery get
   o JQuery add etc…

Module 4
• jQuery Ajax
   o jQuery load
   o jQuery GET/POST

Course Module: HTML5

Course Duration: 6 hours

Module 1
• Introduction to HTML5
   o What is HTML5
   o Basic overview
   o Browser Detection

Module 2
• New elements in HTML5
   o canvas elements
   o Media elements
   o Form elements
   o Semantic and structural elements

Module 3
• HTML5 semantic elements

Module 4
• Canvas
• video and audio
• Geolocation

Course Module: jQuery Mobile

Course Duration: 8 hours

Module 1
• Introduction-
   o JQuery mobile introduction
   o What does jQuery mobile do
• Pages and Dialogs
   o JQuery mobile page structure
   o Page transitions
   o Page linking
   o Dialogs and pop-ups
• Toolbars
• Toolbar basics
• Header bar,
• Footer bars,
• Navbars
• Positioning-Fixed, persistent
• Theming toolbars

Module 2
• Buttons
   o Button basics
   o Button icons
   o Inline buttons
   o Grouped buttons
   o Theming of buttons
• Content formatting
   o Basic HTML styles
   o Layout grids Columns
   o Collapsible content blocks
   o Collapsible sets
   o Theming of contents
• Form elements
   o Form basics
   o Text input, Searchinput, slider flip toggle switch
   o Radio buttons
   o Checkboxes
   o Select menus

Module 3
• List views
   o List basic and API,Basic linked list
   o Nested list, Numbered list,Split button list
   o List dividers
   o Thump nails,Icons,List formatting
   o Search filter bar,Collapsible list, Theming etc..

Module 4
• Events
   o Touch events-Tap,Taphold,swipe, swipe right, left
   o Virtual mouse events- vMouseover and vMouseout
   o Pageload events
   o Scroll events

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