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Mobile App Development is the Most Sought After Skill in 2013

The future seems to be super bright for mobile app developers, managers, entrepreneurs and everybody else who’s involved in mobile app development industry. Almost every tech report forecast is pointing in one direction -> Mobile app development skill is the most sought after skill in 2013.

Here’s the list of other skills that are also in demand, though not as big as mobile app dev:

  • NoSQL
  • Unit testing
  • Python or Ruby
  • HTML5
  • Windows 8
  • RESTful Web services
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Looking ahead we think that the items on this list may change a big but mobile being a focus area of the entire tech world, is unlikely to budge from its number one position. describes this emerging need very nicely:

The reason for the high demand for mobile developers, is most likely because the market for mobile apps is driving an increasing need for companies to develop app strategies. That growth is almost certainly outstripping the number of applicants with serious iOS or Android development skills. If you’re a developer with iOS experience, this proves that there’s a good chance of landing your pick of jobs if you considering a career move.

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